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Lovol ETX loader: a good helper on the road to wealth

Guide: Liu Qianming, the owner of the quarry in cicun, Zichuan District, Zibo, Shandong Province, mentioned his name, which is familiar to local peers. Since he had nothing at the beginning of his business and now has a large-scale mining industry, Liu Qianming has walked a rugged and firm road to wealth, and the indentation is shallower. Liu Qianming's contact with the quarrying industry is also an accident

liuqianming, the owner of the quarry in cicun, Zichuan District, Zibo, Shandong Province, is familiar to local peers when he mentions his name. Since he had nothing at the beginning of his business and now has a large-scale mining industry, liuqianming Jiangxi Ganfeng lithium industry is the largest lithium chloride production enterprise in China, and has gone through a rugged and firm road to prosperity

it was also an accidental opportunity for Liu Qianming to contact the quarrying industry. Seeing the business opportunity of quarrying, Liu Qianming decided to take a chance. If he wanted to quarrying, he could not do without the powerful assistant loader. However, there were many brands in the loader market, various products, different prices, and Liu Qianming was not familiar with engineering machinery products such as loaders before, so he was hesitating in every way, Liu Qianming suddenly thought of an old friend who acted as an agent for Lovol loaders. Liu Qianming suddenly saw a light in his eyes, like a reassurance, and felt that there was a direction for the purchase of loaders, so he consulted his old friend about the specific situation of Lovol loaders

Liu Qianming's friend systematically explained the performance, reliability, safety, refinement and other aspects of Lovol loaders. Lovol loaders are reliable in quality and adopt European fine matching design, so that each device can achieve a scientific and perfect match, with extraordinary operation efficiency. The main structural parts are specially welded by robots, ensuring the quality and reliability of structural parts; The steering system is optimized, and the turning control is easy and flexible, which improves the operation efficiency. Moreover, the cab adopts humanized design, with reasonable layout, wide vision and ultra-high safety. At the same time, the brand reputation and green environmental protection of Lovol loaders are comprehensively introduced. Lovol loaders are energy-saving and environmental friendly. Compared with other brands of Lovol loaders, Lovol loaders have the advantages of low oil consumption, clean emission, low vibration, low noise, strong power, reliable performance, and economic efficiency. After hearing this, Liu Qianming kept nodding and praising, more affirming his intention to buy Lovol loaders

in 2011, Liu Qianming bought two Lovol ETX loaders with the first pot of gold he made from opening a quarry. With the excellent performance and strong power of Lovol loaders, Liu Qianming's quarry is like a duck to water, and the quarry is growing day by day. Lovol loaders work fast, have strong power, save fuel, and have a comfortable driving environment. Machine operators especially like to drive Lovol loaders for operations. By purchasing Lovol's products, Liu Qianming was helped to quickly embark on the road of becoming rich

in 2013, Liu Qianming bought another Lovol ETX loader with his trust in Lovol brand. He said that he was reassured to buy Lovol brand. On June 8, the quarry in cicun, Zichuan District, Zibo, Shandong Province was busy. Stone trucks were loaded and shipped one after another. Three Lovol ETX loading and unloading kings were responsible for the shipment. Liu Qianming told himself that these three ETX loading and unloading kings have been engaged in the shoveling and transportation of post stone materials since they were purchased in 2011. The 24-hour coupling overturned people's impression of being difficult to degrade and highly polluting in the past. They have never been overhauled so far, and they are very satisfied with Lovol's products

talking about the future, Liu Qianming said confidently, "in the next step, the scale of the quarry will be further expanded. I will buy two Lovol loaders according to the business situation. Lovol loaders really helped me a lot!"

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