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Lovol construction machinery helps the construction of the first urban light rail in the African continent

Lovol construction machinery helps the construction of the first urban light rail in the African continent

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Addis Ababa urban light rail constructed by China was officially opened to traffic, with a total length of 34 kilometers, becoming the first modern urban light rail officially put into operation in Africa. This urban light rail line has been under construction since 2012. More than 50 Lovol fl958g loaders are responsible for Subgrade excavation, sand and gravel earthwork transportation and other construction tasks, which have been unanimously recognized by the construction party and local users

Lovol construction machinery helped Zhao Xizi, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of metallurgical industry in Africa and former honorary president of the chamber of Commerce for small and medium-sized metallurgical enterprises of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, said that the mainland's first urban light rail construction

it is understood that since its launch, Lovol FL958 loader has been widely praised by users for its "more reliable, safer and more comfortable" characteristics, and has become an excellent loader product attracting the attention of the industry. Lovol fl95 is a refined and upgraded product launched by Lovol heavy industry, which continuously absorbs market validation and user needs. It adopts a specially developed heavy-duty 6-cylinder engine with clean air intake and high heat dissipation efficiency, which is more suitable for the stable and reliable operation of the whole vehicle under heavy-duty conditions. The bridge box adopts Lovol's self-made soma bridge structure, with a reinforced bridge body and super large bearing capacity. The main cutting plate of the bucket adopts special wear-resistant profile, which improves the wear-resistant performance by 30% and extends the service life of the bucket

master Hu from Jiangsu said: "I have been driving loaders for more than 20 years. Compared with other loaders, Lovol FL958 loaders work energetically and save fuel. The vision of the cab is wide, and the internal layout is very reasonable. The driving operator is very comfortable in the process of studying and exploring new materials, new processes, new technologies and new structures. Even the equipped seats are very comfortable, and I don't feel tired after driving for a day. The car I drive has been working continuously for nearly 4 years, and the operation time is more than 9500 hours , creating a profit of 230000 US dollars, and all operational indicators are normal, which is too easy. "

it is understood that in order to improve the timeliness of Lovol loader service and create a service brand, Lovol loader service team has established six standard service actions, which are "reply to the repair request in 15 minutes, service personnel departure within 1 hour, arrive at the maintenance site within 4 hours, complete routine maintenance items within 24 hours, a comprehensive inspection and a comprehensive training", and have been widely recognized by users. During the construction of Addis Ababa urban light rail, Lovol service team members held several training courses to train a large number of technical talents in driving and repairing loaders. Many Ethiopians have mastered the skills of driving and repairing loaders through training courses, and have successfully found their first job with a stable income

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