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Lovol construction machinery received another order for 60 loaders from Sudan

Lovol construction machinery received another order for 60 loaders from Sudan

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recently, Lovol construction machinery received an order for 60 loaders from Sudan with high-quality products and services, which is another big order after the first batch of orders from Sudan last year, achieving a new breakthrough in sales in the region

the Sudanese market is an important market for Lovol engineering machinery business to expand overseas sales. Since last year, stimulated by the local gold mine development policy in Sudan, the demand for loaders has increased significantly. Lovol engineering machinery overseas marketing company quickly seized this opportunity,

resolutely adjusted the dealer channel, and won the first batch of orders for 150 loaders and 10 excavators in Sudan in November 2017

in 2018, Lovol engineering machinery gradually achieved a breakthrough in the strategic market by innovating the overseas distribution mode, focusing on regions and products, and promoting the overseas distribution network layout. Through a series of measures, Sudanese customers were once again impressed by Lovol's rapid action, especially Lovol people's rapid response to the market and customer-centered spirit deeply moved them. The customer once again focused on Lovol engineering machinery and decisively signed 30 fl936h loaders and 30 fl956h loaders

during the use of the first batch of equipment, in order to further meet the operational needs of Sudanese customers, Lovol service personnel and the manager of the African region drove more than 500 kilometers to the local mine for field investigation, "Although our equipment has undergone rigorous commissioning and inspection before leaving the factory, the needs of customers and industrial hands providing large-scale cooperative investment are different under different working conditions. We need to collect first-hand data, listen to customers' needs, and constantly improve customer satisfaction." Song, manager of the African region, said

not only that, for desert operation conditions in Sudan, at the beginning of the shipment of the first batch of equipment, Lovol engineering machinery set up an expert group according to the local operation characteristics to strengthen and upgrade the air filtration system and power system of loaders and excavators. While using, Lovol chose load deformation, load time, load displacement, displacement time Print the deformation time curve and experimental data; It took only three months for the team to complete the product upgrade to meet customer needs. After the first batch of equipment arrived in Hong Kong, it was sold out, and end users were full of praise for the product quality

in addition to the quality of the whole vehicle, the most satisfactory thing for the Sudanese user Hamad is Lovol's after-sales service. "Lovol's equipment is excellent, and Lovol's stationed service personnel are even more considerate. They are not afraid of hardship and fatigue, and problems are solved immediately. In this regard, they do a great job! They will not be crushed"

the completion of this order, Lovol construction machinery with excellent product quality The perfect service guarantee has once again been highly recognized by Sudanese customers, thus minimizing the impact on the environment. At present, this batch of orders will be shipped in succession

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