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Lovol engine is fully equipped to participate in the Middle East power show

on February 14, 2017, Lovol engine 4. The hydraulic universal testing machine has two operation modes: the manual operating machine brings 1106 series, natural gas engine and rotor pump engine to attend the Middle East power show. Lovol exhibition is located at the core of the international brand Pavilion. The construction style meets the perceptual and rational pursuit of the space environment in a simple but not simple form, thus highlighting the high-end and stable products. How much do you know about a concrete pressure testing machine has become the focus of media interviews and users' attention

"Dubai international power, lighting and new energy exhibition in the United Arab Emirates" (referred to as the Middle East power exhibition, MEE) has a history of 40 years. It is a highly influential professional power and energy exhibition in the Middle East and even in the world, and is rated as one of the world's five major industrial activities. Mee exhibition was held in 1975, once a year, and the 42nd exhibition will be held in 2017. With the steady growth of project development and international trade in the Middle East, The Middle East power show attracts more and more people "Relevant employees and high-level people visited. More than 1500 exhibitors from all over the world gathered together, and professional visitors came to the exhibition in 126 countries.

panorama of Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center

Lovol booth at the Middle East Power Exhibition

staff received Syrian customers

the vice president of LOVOL Heavy Industries Group issued certificates to Ethiopian OEMs and Saudi dealers

during the exhibition, Lovol appeared on four development platforms Electric products have attracted the attention of new and old customers at home and abroad. The excellent product performance has attracted customers from nearly 50 countries from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Ethiopia, Pakistan, South Africa, Portugal and other regions to visit and consult. New customers from Brazil, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and other countries have expressed their long-standing concern for Lovol dynamics and hope to cooperate with Lovol to place orders as soon as possible and seize the market opportunity

during the meeting, Lovol engine salesperson received 1million tons of domestic and foreign purchasers who visited our booth with full spirit and enthusiastic service attitude, which fully displayed a good brand image and left a deep impression on the participating customers. In 2017, Lovol engine will vigorously promote continuous product innovation, actively expand overseas markets and seize the spring of sales

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