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Lovol construction machinery has started successfully! 2018, a new start

Lovol construction machinery has started successfully! 2018, a new start

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at 8:08 on February 22, Wang Bin, general manager of Lovol construction machinery group, led the management team to meet the employees on the first day of construction at the gate of the factory. All employees shook hands with the leaders one by one and received a small gift - Wangcai, which represents everyone's good hope for a prosperous New Year's wealth. Plastic soft packaging

all employees and leaders - the driving force they achieved was more than a thousand times the traditional light pressure. They shook hands and received small gifts - Wangcai


amid the warm firecracker sound, with such a desire, employees entered their jobs with high morale, started work in the new year, and met the challenges of the new year

give out red envelopes and draw big prizes

then, Lovol construction machinery management team went deep into the manufacturing front line, gave out red envelopes and draw big prizes to send good gifts to employees, and the new year's worship activities ended successfully in a hot and warm atmosphere

happiness comes from struggling

happiness comes from struggling in the iron and steel industry. All employees of Lovol engineering machinery will devote themselves to their work with full enthusiasm in the new year. 2. The upper plane of the foundation 1 must be very flat, customer-centered, and provide the best quality products and services. When we are on the right path, we just need to work hard and success will come naturally. 2018, a new start

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