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On December 25, abs-ps Market Overview in various regions

ABS market dynamics:

weak consolidation of ps/abs market in Yuyao plastic city. Traders' mentality is relatively stable, and the actual goods go with the market. The enthusiasm of downstream factories to enter the market is not high, and most of them are onlookers. Therefore, there is no obvious sign of large-scale transactions. At present, the latest mainstream quotation of domestic ABS is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of imported ABS is yuan/ton. The mainstream quotation of GPPS is yuan/ton, and the mainstream quotation of hips is yuan/ton

the ABS market in Dongguan continues to be flat, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the market remains unchanged, and the transaction is flat. 0215a is quoted at 9350 yuan/ton, 750A is quoted at 9350 yuan/ton, Ning 15a1 is quoted at 9350 yuan/ton, and Ning 121h is quoted at 9300 yuan/ton. The above quotations do not include tax

today, the ABS market price in Shenzhen is steadily weakening, 757K is quoted at 9800 yuan/ton, 707k is quoted at 9500 yuan/ton, and 15a1 is quoted at 9700 yuan/ton, all of which are tax inclusive prices

ps market dynamics:

Level 1

the PS market in Dongguan continues to consolidate. The shipment of middlemen can make the graph display with the best scale, and the resistance is still large, and the transaction is relatively flat. In 2015, Guangzhou Petrochemical won the Harbin mayor quality award, 525 reported 6250 yuan/ton, 123p reported 6350 yuan/ton, pg33 reported 6900 yuan/ton, 660 reported 7400 yuan/ton. The actual transaction negotiation is the main, and the above quotation does not include tax

the PS market in Beijing is relatively flat, the demand continues to be flat, the mentality of all parties is poor, the market offer is about yuan/ton, and the transaction is weak

the PS market in Shandong is light, the intermediary offer is generally stable, and the transaction is light. 666d is reported at 6600 yuan/ton, pg33 is reported at 6700 yuan/ton, ph88 is reported at 7500 yuan/ton. The actual transaction can be negotiated

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